Jeremy Corbyn is not suited to being the leader of a political party that aspires to govern this country.  He needs to be removed as leader of the Labour Party. He is a liability not an asset. The party will not win an election with him as leader.

 Labour faces an immense struggle to win an election on its now, since it lost its 40 or so formerly safe seats in Scotland.

 Many of the policies that Labour under Corbyn are committed to make no sense. A massive programme of re-nationalisation is pointless and unnecessary.  The provision of water, gas and electricity is no longer an important public service. People who have experience of advising the Corbyn team, say they are clueless about economics. Ending PFI and outsourcing will be challenging enough without taking on re-nationalisation.

 Labour has all sorts of other policies which are both expensive and also will mainly benefit better off people – abolishing tuition fees and expanding Help to Buy come into their category.

 Labour’s plans for the NHS are fairly realistic. The challenge is getting it to realise that it wont be able to do everything. It will have to prioritise.

 A Labour government led by Corby will start spraying public money around. I don’t trust Labour to do that competently or wisely.

 Labour plans to increase taxes on companies and higher earners. The IFS said that Labour would not raise the money that it claimed it would from its planned tax rises. The IFS were dismissed an bean counters 

 And of course there is Momentum  – a party within a party.

 The reality about Corbyn is that he is a 70s Bennite Leaver. He tell us himself that he has not changed his mind on any issue for 40 years. Despite his claims to the contrary, the man wants Brexit to go ahead. If he did not want Brexit he would move heaven and earth to stop it. He does that with every other cause that he believes in.    

 Then we have the anti-semitism issue. Corbyn himself has been found to be a member of Facebook groups where nasty anti-semtic comments are posted. There are about 70 cases where party members have been accused of anti-semitism. Corbyn has not shown any inclination to get those cases resolved. His heart is not in it.  

 Corbyn is not a leader. He would be much happier if he could go back to being a rebel and supporter of unpopular causes. There is unpleasant and worrying lack of moderation about the party these days, surrounded as Corby is by aging communists.

It is all going to end in tears. If Labour were to replace him, they might have a fighting chance of winning the next election. They need some coherent policies. They need to get their sums to add up.  




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  1. Corbyn is perfectly capable of running the Labour Party if the Right Wing of the party stops coups. The membership has increased and we got more votes in the last GE since he became the leader. I wish you guys get a grip and think about millions living in poverty and start thinking about the implementing Socialist policies. Stop backstabbing. Why don’t you join in with, TIGgers ,TINGERS, Three Amigos

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