Corbyn is no longer leader of Labour. Starmer is now leader. I don’t personally rate him. He is the sort of person who really wants the UK in the EU. I have to admit I have got tired of the EU which I think is now a failing institution. I think the UK is better off out of it. I am sure that Starmer will come up with more sensible policies than Corbyn.

That said, I think Johnson is a busted flush. The Covid 19 pandemic has not been handled well. I don’t think he will be around for much longer.

The Covid epidemic has changed everything. I worry about the amount of debt that the UK is racking up.  We needed to prop up the economy but cannot do it indefinitely. The epidemic has just exposed all the pre-existing problems. I read that a lot of private companies have got government contracts with little or no tendering process. if true that is not good. Sorting out this app has been a disaster. The state needs far more in house technical ability.

There are many reasons why I am not keen on either of the two main parties these days, is the issue of transgender rights. Labour is committed to self ID. That means someone can just decide they are a woman. Its completely delusional.

You might think this is an issue which just concerns a small group of people. Not so. Under the umbrella of “trans rights”, the rights of women and girls are being eroded. MPs in all parties seem to have bought into this gender ideology. As from September next year, children will be taught this gender ideology. There are several posts on this topic.

I don’t support the Black Lives Matter movement. I don’t support this polarization. I don’t support mob rule. I don’t support. I don’t agree with statues being taken down.

We need, the one thing that we are not getting at the moment, strong but sound government.







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  1. Corbyn is perfectly capable of running the Labour Party if the Right Wing of the party stops coups. The membership has increased and we got more votes in the last GE since he became the leader. I wish you guys get a grip and think about millions living in poverty and start thinking about the implementing Socialist policies. Stop backstabbing. Why don’t you join in with, TIGgers ,TINGERS, Three Amigos

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