My number one concern is that the country is almost £2T in debt. Osborne cleared the deficit but he more or less doubled the National Debt. Plus we have all sorts of other commitments such as pensions, which do not even show up in the national accounts.

 My number two concern is the Labour Party. I myself don’t think they will win with Corbyn as leader. I also think that many of Labour’s policies are ill-thought out. There are a lot of posts on that subject. I think one of my best posts in one that I wrote just after the 2017 election in which I suggested that Corbyn should resign (once he had done his gig at Glastonbury. Things would never be as good for him as they were then. Imho, so it has proved.  In the year since the election, all of Corbyn’s weaknesses as leader have been exposed. Quite simply, he is the wrong person to be leader.

 My third concern is the fact that of all government spending goes to private companies.  www.futureofbritain.org.uk/the-privatised-state

I am pretty neutral about Brexit. I don’t think there will be long tail backs at port and I don’t think living standards will be affected in any significant way. I am posting more about the subject as the Government is making more and more of a mess of the negotiation process. The Labour Party probably could not do any better. It is at least as divided as the Conservatives on this issue.

I happen to live in North Kensington. There are a couple of posts about the Grenfell Fire Tower Disaster. No matter what the findings of the Grenfell Tower Fire Inquiry will be, I hope the individual fire fighters are not blamed.  http://www.futureofbritain.org.uk/grenfell-firefighters

Identity politics is of little concern to me. I think it is more important to focus on how public money is spent.

Beyond that I have posts on a wide range of subjects; Afghanistan to the gig economy, to education, decline of hedgehogs and other wildlife, tuition fees, social housing, social mobility, low pay, NHS – workforce and funding, etc, etc. Hopefully if you use the search box, you can find posts on subjects that interest you.   There are vague plans to have a book in about a year.