Dominic Cummings and Lockdown

Dominic Cummings and Lockdown

I have tried not to be too critical of the government. But with the news that Dominic Cummings was up and down to Durham, it has all got too much.

The lockdown is now more or less unenforceable. There seems to be one law for the Cummings and another law for the rest of us. Johnson defending him is the final straw for me. The Chief Medical Officer in Scotland resigned because she broke the lockdown. The government scientific advisor resigned when he was found to have broken the lockdown. Cummings seems to have broken the lockdown a couple of times. He won’t resign and he won’t be sacked.

It would appear that Cummings broke the lockdown several weeks ago and it has only now come to light.

Up until this whole Covid pandemic happened, I would have said that Boris would be re-elected fairly easily in 5 years time.

As I said, in the previous post, I now don’t think that Boris will hang around for a full five years. Now with this latest Dominic Cummings situation, I don’t think it is quite so certain that the Conservatives will win in 2025.

We all object to Johnson telling us that we have been mugs to obey the lockdown. Fairs fair, Stephen Kinnock also breached the lockdown by going to see his father. But he is not in government. The main issueissue i

Add to Johnson defending the indefensible, there is the issue of the return to school. I agree that we need to get the economy going asap. But many people think that it is too soon to re-open schools.

The Sunday Times is also reporting that we were slow to go into lockdown. I remember the period in mid March when it was just a matter of time until we went into lockdown. I think it is probably true that we were slow to go into lockdown.

It is also the case that our borders have been open the whole time. The Government has now passed an order to close the border but it still does not come into force for a week.

And it also seems to be the case that the virus was spread by healthworkers. They themselves were not showing any symptoms but they spread the virus to patients.

It also seems to be the case that old people in hospitals were moved ito care homes where they spread the virus.

Then we have the whole issue of testing, tracing and Protective Equipment.

I don’t know if we have the highest death rate in Europe. Whether we do or not, things are not going well.

The Government does not seem to be on top of the situation. No one expects the government to control something that cant be controlled. We do expect sound policy judgments and we don’t seem to be getting it. Currently there is no real plan as to how we get out of lockdown.

I think many people would have been willing to work with the government and give it the benefit of the doubt. I think this Cummings situation has turned a lot of people. It has certainly tipped me over into opposition.

The big issue about Cummings is that if he can pick and chose whether to obey the lockdown, so can the rest of us.

So, I conclude, Johnson will be off sooner, rather than later. I think the Conservatives are most likely to win the next election, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Johnson is not going to be the worst prime minister we have ever had, but he is far from the best.

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