Labour Leadership

Labour Leadership

Keir Starmer is the new Labour leader.

It was obvious to me that Labour would lose the 2019 election. I did not expect the defeat to be as big as it was. Given how big the defeat was, it seems to me that the Conservatives will be in power for the next decade – unless they co** up in some way.

Out of nowhere, the Corona Virus problem has hit us. Events dear boy, events. Johnson himself has now got it which is not ideal. Some argue about whether the lockdown was too soon or too late. I think the majority of the public think the government is doing OK with the Corona Virus problem.Unless this goes on literally for years and the government is seen to have failed in some way, I expect the Conservatives to win the next election fairly comfortably.

Keir Starmer is at least a reasonably safe pair of hands. He will at least know how to dress properly so he wont create unnecessary distraction. Labour under Corbnyn has been a cult.

Starmer did not sign the pledge on Trans rights but Angela Rayner, the new Deputy Leader did. The trans rights movement is a cult, which is dealt with in other posts on that subject.

Specifically as regards the Labour Party, the Trans Rights pledge that Nandy, Rayner and RLB signed called women’s rights groups within Labour hate groups which should be expelled.

So far nothing has happened on this issue as Labour has been in a state of paralysis while the leadership election was held. But if Labour were to lose many hundreds of women who devote themselves to the Labour cause, then they have even less chance of winning an election. Women are far more likely to support Labour than men.

I use the word cult to describe people who deny reality. Labour never really had a hope in hell of winning an election with Corbyn. The Trans rights movement is cult-like in a slightly different way, but cult like none the less. Starmer has said that he wanted to bring in self ID so arguments about trans right are not necessarily over. Angela Rayner signed the trans rights pledge.

Labour needs to focus on devising sensible policies that help its core voters. It could be interesting to see what policies might emerge from Claire Ainsley the CEO of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. She has written an interesting book on the policy priorities of low income voters, many of whom oppose free movement. It will be interesting to see if this has any impact on Starmer’s policies – he is someone who clearly wants high migration [free movement] to continue.

Starmer cannot change the party over night even if he wanted to. Corbynites have a majority on the NEC. Party policy is set by the party conference. There may well not be a conference this year due to Corona Virus. So nothing will happen for a while yet. Getting rid of Seamus Milne and Karrie Murphy would be a start.

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