Lack of political nouse from Johnson

Lack of political nouse from Johnson

It surprises me how little political savviness Johnson is showing.

One would have thought that politician of his seniority would know the most basic maxim of politics. Politics is the art of the possible.

It is not going to be possible to push through a hard Brexit with the House of Commons as currently constituted.

It will not be possible to push through a no deal Brexit either.

The spectacle of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom playing stupid games with the letter sent to the EU requesting an extension was absolutely unacceptable.

If he had got an extension a week or two ago, Labour might have agreed to his request for an election.

He has got a deal somewhat against all the odds. It would now be possible to have a second referendum – deal or Remain.

The Fixed Term Parliaments Act means that the Prime Minister can no longer decide when an election is called. The Act was passed by his Bullingdon Club friend, David Cameron.

He seems unable or unwilling to accept that basic political reality.

It was stupid to talk of do or die. I fail to see on what basis Michael Gove says we are leaving the EU on 31/10.

I hope the EU will give the UK a year long extension to sort its self out.

The EU would do well not to meddle in UK domestic politics. The Conservatives are making a fine mess of things all on their own.  The EU needs to avoid doing anything that will fuel Johnson’s rhetoric that we are being blocked from leaving.

Johnson has lost the support of the DUP so it is pretty well inconceivable that the Brexit legislation will pass.

I still think that Boris will most likely win an election when it finally comes. However, I think Labour are right not to agree to an election until the extension is in the bag.

Imo, Johnson could have requested the extension 2 weeks ago and finalised it at the summit last week. But he has chosen to play silly buggers.

He is showing a complete lack of political dexterity which probably is not surprising to those who know him well.

His efforts to force through a ghard Brexit wont work. The moment he lost the support of the DUP, is probably the moment that he lost any chance of “getting it done”/. e cannot force through Brexit. I now think Brexit wont happen at all. It definitely wont happen on 31/10.

My concern is that we are not being governed properly. Given half a chance the Conservatives will be happy to spray money around to win votes in the north. De-industrialised areas need a long term plan not electoral bribes. Nothing other than Brexit is happening. The government adverts on Brexit are an absolute joke.

It really is quite worrying.



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