Letter to Baroness Nicholson

Letter to Baroness Nicholson

4th May 2020

Dear Lady Nicholson,

I have seen your Tweets on Twitter supporting the cause of women’s rights. I am writing simply to lend my support. If you achieve a meeting with Liz Truss MP, I hope you will raise the following issues with her:

1. Gender is not a term that is defined in law and it is not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. Sex is a protected characteristic. Ms Truss must tell us why so many resources are devoted to trans issues.

2. Ms Truss must tell us why men who merely self identify as female have been allowed into women’s prisons and bail hostels. Ms Trust must re-assure us that the exemptions in the Equality Act will be enforced.

3. The Government Equalities Office has been providing large amounts of funding to organisations such as Stonewall, EqualiTeach and Mermaids. We are entitled to know why given that gender is not a protected characteristic.

4. Ms Truss must tell us why all the professions in the NHS are being taught gender theory as part of continuing education. As noted above gender is not defined and it is not a protected characteristic. Why then is gender theory being taught to health service professionals. Examples can be provided if needed.

5. The Relationship and Sex Education Regulations 2019 state that primary school children should be taught about different family types. However we know that organisations such as EqualiTeach and Stonewall are planning to use the new regulations to teach gender theory to children as young as 4 or 5.

When I say gender theory, I mean the following completely false ideas;
A child can be born in the wrong body. A boy can be a girl and a girl can be a girl. Many boys based on nothing more than the fact that what a boy feels, will argue that such a boy should be allowed to girl’s changing rooms. This is against the law. These are all highly damaging ideas. Parents who ask what their child’s school plan to teach as RSE come September are being fobbed off.

6. We know that there is an organisation called Agenda which is made up of civil servants. It is committed to promoting transgender ideology.

7. We know that the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Education has a trans daughter. He was the Stonewall Senior Champion for 2019. This should not be allowed.

8. We have head teachers who are also Stonewall trainers. This should not be allowed.

The whole issue of “trans inclusion” and gender neutral toilets is the subject of judicial review. The issue of puberty blockers for under 18s is also subject to a review.

There are a great many issues for Ms Trust to get a grip on. She could start by disbanding both Agenda and the Government Equalities Office. Its functions can be given to other departments.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Grant

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