Mistakes on Covid 19

Mistakes on Covid 19

I watched Channel 4 Dispatches “Did the Government get it wrong?” The programme alleges that had we gone into lockdown a week or 10 days earlier, anything from 8 to 15 thousand lives could have been saved.

I was a student, doing 2 courses, one of which I had paid a small fee to do. I therefore did not particularly want us to go into lockdown. It was obvious lock down was coming. I have felt for some time, that we were slow to go into lockdown.

Channel 4 seemed to have fairly thorough research. They knew that corona virus was serious in early in mid January.

Our Flu Pandemic planning involved getting PPE from China.

The Lancet medical journal had produced a paper explaining how serious Corona virus is.

It is obvious that Johnson was getting ready for Brexit and a lot of flag waving and EU bashing. He also has his own personal distraction of a pregnant girlfriend.

I was not aware that the first case of corona virus in the UK was in Brighton in mid February.

We seemed to be completely unprepared. We did not have contact tracing and testing capacity anywhere up to what was needed.

It does appear that “herd immunity” was government policy and it did not necessarily emanate from Cummings.

Once the virus was in the country, Johnson boasted that he had shaken hands with people affected with it. He then goes on ITV and shakes hands with people there.

The government does seem to have been very slow to start quarantining visitors.

I never wanted Johnson to be PM. I have always felt he was a nasty bully. The sight of his playing rugby with the kids in Japan still gives a clue to his true nature in my opinion. The man is a jester – he loves the applause of the crowd. To mix metaphors, he is someone who wants to be handing out the drinks. He is not someone who wants to say the party is over and put the lights on.

I did not want Corbyn either. I still don’t really rate Starmer.

We seem to stuck with parties that do not have sound policies.

Even if the government did get corona virus wrong, and it may well be that it did, I am not aware that anything will be done about it.

Do I think Labour might win the next election? No. I still think that Johnson will just decide that he has had enough in a couple of years.






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