Not a Labour voter

Not a Labour voter

I noticed that the Labour Party conference passed a motion calling for New Zero by 2030. As part of that resolution that want to re-nationalise the Big 6 energy companies. Yes the Big 6 are nasty, voracious beasts, who in many cases treat customers appallingly. But the idea that re-nationalising them is going to solve all oir problems is fanciful.

This is yet another nationalisation commitment from Labour. They also want to re-nationalise the water companies, railways and Royal Mail. I personally don’t think these policies are a good idea.

The conference also passed a motion which would expand/protect free movement. I don’t know the exact details of the motion. But I can say that I don’t support the concept of free movement. It leads to population increase. It means people can move to the UK who don’t make any contribution to it.  Have Labour Party activists not seen the tent cities springing up all over the country. Are they not aware that 500 people a week show up in the housing offices of every London borough and expect to be housed. Many on the left support the concept of no borders.  The next thing that will be on the agenda is that we have to take in millions of “climate refugees” i.e. people from the Global South because they have been impacted by climate change. I don’t know if this is done for electoral reasons. The sort of migrants they want a more likely to vote Labour.

Despite the motion on climate change, Labour activists don’t want to accept that there need to be limits. Instead they feed on (post-colonial) guilt. There was a reason why Blair stopped the Labour Party conference making policy. That was so that it would not make these sort of policies. The fact is that Labour Party activists are way to the left of the average Labour Party voter in Wigan or Wakefield. Corbyn already had the lowest electoral rating of any leader of HM Opposition since records began.

It is obvious that Labour’s manifesto for the next election is going to be another radical one. It will be re-nationalisation, open door migration, green new deal, abolishing universal credit, more powers for trade unions, a £10 minimum wage. That still is not enough to actually live on. I don’t see any thing which addresses the problems of the left behind parts of the country.

I expect these policies to meant that the party is heavily defeated at the next election. Johnson may be the worst prime minister in living memory, but he is still likely to beat Corbyn. There will be no repeat of 2017. Then people thought that Labour was anti Brexit. Now people who are anti Brexit will vote Lib Dem.

I probably wont vote at all. But I definitely wont be voting Labour. Labour feed a sense of entitlment that the country cannot afford. Lots of things need fixing in this country. There are a lot of short term policies which cost more in the long run e.g. benefits too low and not enough council housing as two examples. Labour policies are not, imo, the answer.


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