Politics in a pandemic

Politics in a pandemic

Managing the pandemic

Life as we know it has has been shut down and we have been living in isolation for a month now. We are now up to 20,000 death.

I personally think we were slow to go into lock down. But we are in it now. We do now need to know how and when we get out of it.

I also worry about the cost of the various schemes that the government has introduced. Employees and businesses have been bailed out at quite a high cost. Imho, we cannot afford to be doing it for very long. I worry about the UK government deficit rising to massive levels once again. We have had a very rocky last 10 years. The deficit as a result of Covid 19 will go back to the level it was after the 2008 crash.  We just don’t seem to have anything in reserve whether as a government, businesses or individuals.

So we are where we are. What I want to know now is how and when the lock down will end.

I think it is highly likely that a significant number of people who had a job when the lock down started wont have one when the lockdown ends.

Politics during the lockdown

There is not much else happening on the political scene. Keir Starmer has now been elected as Labour leader. He is a grown up who knows how to dress properly. Thus far there is no sign of any major movement in the polls.

I think there are criticisms of the way the government has handled the Covid 19 crisis. However, I don’t think there are significant numbers of people who think Labour would have handled it any better.

A break for the environment

One of the interesting features of the lockdown is that the environment has had a break from man made emissions. Pollution has been significantly reduced. I personally don’t support “Green Nee Deal” as it mainly a way to have massive state control. It is a complete irony that the Covid 19 pandemic has led to a situation in which the state is propping up the entire economy.

I don’t agree with the voices on the right who are arguing strongly that following a path to “net Zero” will lead to a zombie economy.

I think it is going to be hard to get back on our feet once the lockdown is over.

I think it is a big shame that HS2 was given the go head just before the lockdown started. This is a white elephant that we should have killed off years ago. There was no reason for the Conservatives to go ahead with a Labour idea.

One area where the Conservatives may bring in some common sense is transgender issues. I don’t dwell on that here as there are several posts on trans issues elsewhere on the blog.


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