Prorogation ruled illegal

Prorogation ruled illegal

 The Brexit process gets more and more astonishing with each passing day. Today, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament was unlawful.

I have been of voting age for approx. 38 years. I cannot remember in all that time, a government that made it clear that it intended to defy the law of the land. I don’t recall a government that has ever been found to have misled the Queen, however inadvertently.

The thing that Boris Johnson needs to do today is obvious, resign. The man is unfit to hold high office. #resign.

Parliament resumes its sittings tomorrow. Norman Smith on BBC news says that Parliament will try to hold in contempt of Parliament.

We need a Brexit extension to be agreed. The opposition parties are right to say that ther cannot be an election until the extension is agreed. Despite, everything, I still expect Johnson and the Conservatives to win an election. We know Johnson wont grant a second referendum as he knows Remain will now most likely win. It remains to be seen if Parliament can find a way to legislate for a referendum.

Labour know that they will lose the next election. That is the reason why they plotted to remove Tom Watson – so that he does not become interim leader.

Labour have announced one radical policy after another at their conference. Imo, their policies are too radical. I also don’t think they will work. On Brexit, the unions ensured that the party continues to sit on the fence, rather than adopt a pro Remain position.

It is like 1983 all over again. Then Labour moved way out to the left. They got slaughtered in the 1983 election. After the 1983 election, Thatcher was emboldened. She then went to fight and defeat the miners. She ramped up the privatisation programme. We saw British gas and various other things sold off over the next few years. The same thing will happen again.

Labour has been out of power since 2010. It won’t win another election until it is led by plausible leader and has sensible and moderate policies.

I think the Conservatives are mad to drive away loyal Conservatives and hope to gain support from Labour Leavers. The number of these people is grossly exaggerated. They people will never vote Conservative. The legacy of the 1980s recession is still too bitter. Labour seats in the north have very small electorates compared to the large Conservative seats in the shires.

It remains to be seen if Labour will table a motion of no confidence in Johnson. Barry Gardiner on Politics Live did not sound very keen on doing so.





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