The No Outsiders Programme

The No Outsiders Programme

Parkfield School is where Andrew Moffat teaches. He has prepared a resource for schools called “No Outsiders”. This resource is pure gender theory and quite unsuitable for children. For some unknown reason schools no longer teach biology as fact. They now teach gender theory as if it is a fact. It is not. It is based on a number of myths which have no scientific basis:

Biological sex does not matter.

Gender is a spectrum.

You can be born in the wrong body.

There is such a thing as a male brain and a female brain.

The image here is not from the No Outsiders Pack. But we know these programmes teach that if a boy likes wearing makeup that he s “really” and girl and if a girl likes playing with toy cars, she is “really” a boy. It is unbelievable and quite outrageous that such nonsense is taught in 2020.

Introducing the programme into a majority Muslim school was a deliberate strategy. It was easy for the media, Moffat and others to present the parents who objected to the programme as being as intolerant and worse still, “un-British”. It is claimed that parents who objected to the programme were reported to the DfE Counter Extremism Division and to the Counter Extremism Czar, aka Sara Khan.

The programme is marketed as being about explaining the Equality Act 2010. And yet if you look at Park Field School website, you will see that it incorrectly lists gender as a protected characteristic. If they cannot get basic things like that right, how can they expect anyone to trust them. Religion and belief are protected characteristics.

Tolerance is indeed a British value. But it is quite wrong to present this gender woo woo as British culture. It is strongly opposed by all parents wherever and whenever they see it. Given that women are more closely involved in parenting than men, it is not a surprise that women are at the forefront of this opposition.

To people not well informed about what was going on, it may have seemed that the parents were anti gay. That is a real no, no, in these liberal times. But in reality there was at least as much concern with the aspect of the programme that taught about transgender issues. Parents reported that their child would came home from school and ask if they were “really” a boy/girl, having had their sense of self disrupted by this pernicious teaching.

The Muslim councillor for the local area tried to stand up for the parents. He was reported to Birmingham City Council standards committee Gareth Moore, a gay councillor.

The parents staged noisy protests for a number of months. They were invited into meetings with Stonewall and other groups. The name of the programme was changed to No Outsiders in a Faith School. No substantive changes to the programme were made at all.

Sex and Relationship education is about to be rolled out across the country. Stonewall and other groups have already got their packs ready to teach gender ideology across the land. Hopefully other parents will now wake up to what is going on. It is being used as indoctrination. The role of Jonathan Slater in the DfE and Ofsted need to be looked into. We have seen a number of other, similar packs emerge in recent days. ASDA have lent their support to a pack.

There are common themes in these packs – promotion of gays and lesbians, transgender ideology and early and inappropriate sexualisation of children.The whole No Outsiders programme has had a lot of funding put into it. There are several articles on the No Outsiders programme. The programme itself is very expensive to purchase. But there are now some screen shots of the programme online. Moffat has earned himself various awards doing this work.

Other parents are now about to find out that their children will be taught this stuff probably starting next September. Rolling out RSE has been delayed due to the pandemic. But it will happen next year.

The parents at the two schools where No Outsiders was rolled out did not get very good coverage in the press. We now know that the Guardian and the I are both staunchly pro trans. We now know that Stonewall is a strong voice in the Sex Education Forum. We now know that the Government have colluded with Stonewall to remove the rights of women and girls to single sex spaces.

It is essential that there is broad based opposition to all of these packs which are anti-science, destabilising for children and completely inappropriate.





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