Trans movement – regression not progress

Trans movement – regression not progress

The more I look at the trans movement, the more I conclude that it is a deeply regressive movement. It cloaks itself in the language of rights but it is a regressive force.

The trans movement clearly want to destroy the whole concept of biological sex. Anyone who argues that biological sex is a reality can be hounded. Universities are some of the biggest supporters of trans ideology. People cannot get job if they support biological sex or they lose jobs that they already have. Lisa Littman, a researcher in America, wrote a paper that looked at young people who suddenly decide they are trans. She wrote an academic paper which concluded that social media is playing some role in this phenomenon. Complaints are made. People are hounded. The paper was subjected to all sorts of additional peer review. Evans-Brunskell and Moore, who wrote Inventing the Transgender Child have also been harassed.

The foundation of the trans movement is the concept of gender. According to the trans movement it is a spectrum. Like dolls, you are a girl, like trains, you are a boy. Hence you can be a girl trapped in the wrong body. How can anyone believe this stuff. Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence and Mermaids all teach this kind of crap.

The trans movement also want to destroy the concept of same sex attraction. Hence you see posters like the one below, on display at Liverpool University. It is unbelievable that a poster lke this could be on display in a university in Britain in 2020. Hence you get men with facial hair and male anatomy able to claim they are lesbians. It is a farce that one simply could not make up. But a dangerous farce for young and vulnerable people.

The statement “trans women are women” is factually incorrect as most scientists will say that biological sex is based on chromosomes and is for want of a better word fixed. It would seem like they don’t teach science in schools these days. The Gender Recognition Act gives people the right to be recognised in a new gender with certain exceptions. The trans rights movement want all of the exceptions e.g. women’s refuges removed.

If Self Identification comes in, the battle to hold the line on this nonsense has been lost. The public sector has already been captured by the trans rights movement. Hence you see police forces flying the trans movement flag. You see the NHS refer to pregnant people. You see schools having drag queens come in to read to children. Even Wikipedia has been captured. All of its transgender articles are encompassed within the trans flag.

My understanding of the parents in Birmingham protesting outside a school, (that I think was called Parkside) were objecting to issues relating to gay and lesbians being taught to primary school kids. I would agree that primary age (i.e. 4 to 11) is too young.

I also think that parents are fully entitled to be very worried about what is taught to children (of any age up to 18) on trans rights and gender. I personally don’t see that it is the role of the state to get involved on these issues. It is fairly obvious that you cannot legislate for equality. The gender pay gap, among other things, shows that.

It is absolutely impossible to have an open debate on these issues. The trans lobby on has one answer to challenge expulsion. The Labour Party Trans Rights Pledge that Angela Rayner signed called for those who support sex based rights to be expelled. I doubt that will happen, but it is indicative on the intolerance of the trans movement.

If Labour show any sign of adopting self ID as their policy, I will have no option but to move to the dark side and vote Conservative. The Conservatives are not an awful lot better on this issue. It was they who started the consultation on self ID. And they are now just looking for ways to kick it into the long grass rather than actually confront the issues.

There is no other area of public policy that is based on feelings. Women are raped and murdered by their partners and yet nothing much is done. The prosecution rate for rape gets lower and lower. A judicial review case on the issue failed. Yet someone feels hurt by an online comment and the police have got time to go around and recond a “non crime hate incident”.

It is hard to know what precisely is driving the increasing number of young girls presenting as transgender. What cannot be denied is the financial incentive to deal with the issue as a medical issue rather than a psychological one. In a country like the US where people have to pay for healthcare, puberty blockers are costing $20,000 per patient per year. Cross sex hormones are cheaper but are taken for decades. Various other body modification surgeries cost $10 to 30,000 per operation.  Lisa Littman reported in her survey of parents of young people identifying as trans that about a fifth were offered puberty blockers on their very first appointment with a health professional. These are large amounts even in a system where people are used to paying. I am not aware of any financial incentive for doctors in the UK that are similar to those in the UK. In the UK clinicians seem to be captured by trans ideology and seem to have convinced themselves they are doing the right thing.




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