Transgender Ideology Part 3

Transgender Ideology Part 3

The trans rights movement presents itself as a progressive movement. It has adopted all of the language and tactics of progressive/minority rights campaigns.

Except it is not. It is in fact a deeply Conservative and regressive movement. Anyone who can seriously argue that a boy who likes to play with dolls is really a girl, is a Conservative, is regressive, has entrenched ideas of what women and men are.

The Women’s Movement has spent 50 years campaigning for women and men to be free from those restrictions. For women to be fireman and whatever else. Along side those campaigns was the insight that men could be more emotionally literate and to do some child care. Campaigns for women’s rights always involved men as allies.

The trans right movement is a regressive movement. It seems to oppose lesbian and gay rights as much as women’s rights. It wants to make gay men feel guilty for being attracted to other men. Same with lesbians. The movement tries to shame lesbians into accepting men with beards, with a penis as somehow a lesbian.

The trans rights movement wants to make it a hate crime for lesbians to reject transwomen as partners. Many of the young girls presenting at gender identity clinics would be lesbians, left to their own devices. Instead they are told they are boys, encouraged to bind their breasts and given hormone blockers. The trans movement promote the most simplistic concept of the two sexes. They have failed entirely to support lesbian youngsters find an identity.

The trans lobby is well funded and highly influential. They have the odd US multi-millionaire in their ranks. They have created a whole new market for drug companies and surgeons.

The trans activists come on TV and spout the same untruths. They all claim that if you deny trans gender young people drugs and surgery, that you increase their distress and make them more prone to suicide. There is in fact no proper research on this. The facts are that the Tavistock and Portman has been giving puberty blockers to young people for a decade. It found that the outcomes for girls was actually worse for those who took puberty blockers. The Tavistock and Portman lose track of patients at 18 because the trans lobby argued for patients to be given a new hospital number.

Gender dysphoria is a feeling. How is surgery and drugs the answer? Many children grow out of it. Instead in these digital times, kids can go on to sites such as Tumblr and find people peddling trans myths. They coach each other on what to tell surgeons and therapists. .

The trans lobby has ensured that drugs and surgery are the first resort rather than the last. It seems obvious to most people that these young people should be given extensive therapy and support. That sadly is not what happens. Therapy takes time and is not very sexy. Plus we don’t have the person-power to do it. However, handing out drugs is very easy.

We seem to be medicallising some thing which is essentially social and psychological. I am not sure why this is the case. I tried to outline in the first of these posts, that trans ideology is based on a number of premises which have no scientific basis and are just basically bunkum.

But it is not clear why these ideas are so prevalent and so influential. When you have surgeons who will commit a double mastectomy on a girl of 17 or 18 because she tells you, the adult that she is really a boy, something is profoundly wrong.

A surgeon should surely know that biological sex is fixed and cannot be changed. Why are they doing it? We know there has been a huge turnover of staff at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. That would suggest some unease among the clinicians there. The goings on at the Tavistock and Portman Trust are now the subject of a judicial review.

I think it is concerning. The one thing that is clear is that it is the Trans movement which is the hate group. They routine talk of killing and raping women who do not accept their idea. The women don’t respond in kind. They very fact that the trans activists talk of rape and killing proves that they are what the feminists say they are – men.

Further reading:

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