Transgender Rights PArt 2

Transgender Rights PArt 2

Professor Curtis has explained that biological sex is determined by our chromosomes XY for men and XX for women. He argues that one cannot in fact change sex. If he is right, then trans rights are basically built on wishful thinking. I would argue that it is not the place of a government to support wishful thinking. You are bound to get into difficulties if you do that. I think that is what is happening.

Trans rights groups are able to go into schools and give presentations to children and young people. They are having an impact on policy guidance for the police and the public prosecution service. They are active in universities. They have got their teeth into Labour. Worst of all, they have got their teeth into the NHS. But all their ideas are a fantasy. They are taking us into Orwellian territory.

The main planks of trans ideology have no scientific basis whatsoever.

Science says biological sex is determined at birth and cannot be changed.

  1. Gender is assigned – false
  2. The female brain – There is no scientific basis for this idea whatsoever. We simply have a brain in a male body or a brain in a female body.
  3. Born in the wrong body – a completely pernicious idea that has no scientific basis whatsoever.
  4. Gender non-conforming. – A lot of piffle that has no meaning. Boys and girls can do anything they want. The idea that a boy who likes dresses is really a girl and a girl who likes cars is really a boy is so primitive that no sensible person can entertain it.
  5. Non-binary – another lot of piffle that has no meaning.
  6. Puberty can be halted. It cannot not. The drugs used to block puberty were not developed for that purpose. They are not licensed for that purpose. This is one of a number of issues now subject to legal challenge.

Puberty blockers have permanent and irreversible effects. Far from putting a block on puberty, they are generally a fast track to young people taking cross sex hormones and then surgery.

  1. Gender dysphoria – Even if it exists it is a feeling. I cannot think of any other area of public policy where a mere feeling is indulged to this extent. It is also not clear how a feeling is assisted by drugs, hormones and surgery.

An adult can do whatever he or she wants with their own body. But ido we really want children and young people to be fed these idea. Given that they have no scientific validity, they take us into Orwellian territory.

Anyone who questions trans ideology is called transphobic. It is a well worn tactic that thus far has worked well them.

The other way that things have become Orwellian is that one cannot say that trans people, especially those who have not undergone any sort of body modification are men. They are men, If Professor Curtis is right, they remain men whether or not they under go body modification.

We seem to have got squeamish in this country. We no longer call a spade a spade. The Gender Recognition Act gives people the right to get a certificate to say they are a member of the opposite sex. They can then be treated as member of that sex for all purposes, with some exceptions. The Act has some exceptions – refuges and prisons for example. One would have thought it was obvious that you don’t want men who merely self identify as women to be allowed into women’s prisons. We have seen some of the problems that they are already causing.

Instead the trans rights lobby have taken up the mantra “Trans Women are women”. Any one who disagrees is a transphobe. Most people have no problem with someone who has undergone extensive surgery being treated as woman. Many people would remain of the view that she is still not a woman. She does not have ovaries, a womb, cannot lactate etc. Similarly with transmen. They are a separate category on their own. But that does not mean they are discriminating against her. For all day to day purposes she is a woman.

But that is not good enough for the trans rights lobby. They want people to be made to disbelieve the evidence of their own eyes. With self ID, they want people to be made to accept that someone with a beard and a penis, is somehow a woman. For many people that is a step too far.



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